Music and Dance

September 8, 2016

Wedding locks – Sagar Makwana

I feel that the World Art Fortress is an excellent initiative that will provide a good platform for people from different parts of the globe to interact with each other and share a common platform with one single purpose, that is, to display their art.
September 14, 2016

Human Suffering – by Reeti Agarwal

Once there was a lady named Ramvati. She used to earn her living by selling earthen pottery. Her life was probably cursed. She lost her husband at an early age and she was blind. By time she learnt how to communicate and feel things.
September 9, 2016

Doodle : The Art by Sneha Yadav

September 9, 2016

Super Power – Usmaan

This photograph casts a spell on you right when you look at it. It is a perfect blend of edginess as well as tranquility. It is a very light hearted photo taken by any artist with spontaneous inspiration.
September 8, 2016

Fashionlore – by Prerna Mehra

“The thing I love about fashion is its versatility. It knows no bounds to creativity. There are no set parameters for fashion to be juxtaposed for merit; it is a sense of expression that says something when it meets the eye.”, says Prerna Mehra, ‘The girl in sky high heels’.