Welcome To The World Art Fortress

We, at World Art Fortress bring together the best young talents from all over the globe at a platform where the artist within gets the opportunity to promote the art as well as the artist himself. The Goal which we here, at the World Art Fortress seek is to connect people of different social-economic backgrounds,ages, cultures and abilities and compile their skills into a publication which would be nothing less than a ‘collectible’. The team World Art Fortress is keen to present you the art and the aesthetic genius of its artists in its full vigour and hopes that it finds a suitable place on your coffee table.

Innovation, Perfection and Creativity

  • "The boundaries and flags that have segmented us; they are undoubtedly made of the colours in the same palette."

    Priyanshi Patel
  • "Art is always a leap of faiths. Writers sit down in front of empty pages. Painters stare before blank easels. Thespians rehearse looking toward empty stages. Creativity is experimental by nature; a chord that binds all cultures and nations."